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"The Book Of Change"
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Time for a change

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm enjoying the release of my new work "Affirmations." -The Book Of Change and I'm sure you will too!


Have you had trouble setting a goal and sticking to it? Are you ready for a change in your life, but are unsure of how to stay motivated? You lack discipline grasshopper, but you don't have to. Let my book guide you through this process and "rewire" your brain for success. This daily affirmation is the key to developing habits that will not only help you to obtain your goals, but also to enhance mindfulness. These characteristics will ultimately lead to success that will last a lifetime and a fulfillment which cannot be bought. What do you have to lose? Give it a try!

Published Works


1.8 404 Nashville

1.13 Belcourt Taps  Nashville

1.19 Belcourt Nashville

1.20 Winners Nashville

1.23 404 Nashville

1.24 Live Oak Nashville

1.26 Belcourt

2.3 Live Oak Nashville

2.19 Doghouse Nashville

3.5 Salt & Pepper White Bluff TN

3.10 Alley Taps Nashville

3.11 The Ainsworth Nashville

3.12 404 Nashville


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